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Are you Ready to Take your Interview Preparation to the Next Level ?
Do you know what's wrong with just knowing something and actually applying it ?
We are cognitive misers and we have limited attention span.
Even when we know we should do something and still we don't take any action.
Logically, once you learn something new, you should apply it. That makes perfect logical sense. But we still don't do it. Because it takes a lot of our time and energy and we don't know how to reach there yet. So we either end up doing nothing or end up wasting a lot of our valuable time of unwanted things.
How to cut down hours of your Preparation time, learn from Mistakes of others and Model what works and Eliminate what doesn't ?
Don't you think if I handover something like this, that would make sense.
Of Course, it would.
See, when I was preparing for my GD/PI, I faced a lot of challenges. I used to model my SOP after SOPs on Pagalguy, model my answers after answers given on some random blogs. It didn't make sense for a while but I didn't know anything better.
I wasted ton of my time in referring to these resources and in the end, it didn't work out well as I planned.
All this time I was modelling the wrong people because I thought just because they had a call from decent B-school, they must be doing something right.
Wrong. I was Dead Wrong.
In fact, this created perpetual cycle of failure. I call it blind leading to blind.
There are 2 problems when it comes to preparing for answers.
1. Creating Your Own Answers when you have no Clue
2. Modelling totally Wrong things
First takes a lot of time, energy and your creativity. You have to invest ton of your time into it. If you don't know what you should be writing, you end up creating something which is worthless and ineffective use of your time.

Second has far reaching consequences than first. If you model things which you shouldn't model, it creates serious problem for you. You might think you saved some time but eventually you will be the one who is going to lose.

I faced both of these problems when I was preparing. During my first Interview, I committed both of these grave mistakes. I wasted ton of my time creating my own version of answers and then checked the internet. To my sheer horror, some of the advice on internet blogs/forums was equally horrible.

I sensed part of it but somehow because I had no prior knowledge about how to actually prepare for these questions, I fell for the totally useless advice. I couldn't discern the difference between good and bad.

It makes me angry when someone dispense thin advice on internet.
It doesn't matter which advice you take, you are the one suffering.
It's not Even your Fault.
Unless you knowingly subscribed to it.
So I decided to solve both of these problems for you.

Last year, I had phone calls with hundreds of students and really got tired of telling everybody to follow the same thing over and over. I literally burned myself up in the process.

It was taking a toll on my health. My work started piling up and I couldn't sleep enough while helping students reviewing their SOPs and Interview Answers. I reached to the point of total burnout and fatigue.

I was actively thinking of ways to end this Overwhelm and I suddenly I got an idea. Instead of answering to everyone separately, why not use my knowledge to create a Systematized Resource which anybody can use to write answers effectively without having to consult me or rather consult with me only when they had some different challenge.

As much exciting this idea sounded, it was not very easy to create something like this. I knew right from the start that it was a ton of work. Everything sounds simple in theory but when you actually start working on it.

So I started working on it. I documented everything I knew about answering these questions. I went back to all the answers I checked in order to make sure I was not missing something.

I documented all the conversations I had earlier with students who had IIMs, XLRI, NMIMS, SIBM, MDI, IIFT, MDI, SP-Jain, FMS etc etc calls. I went through all the answers I had reviewed and then I put everything in a draft.

It doesn't only have the exact framework to answer each and every question frequently asked in the Interview but it also has examples of those who received/converted IIMs, XLRI, IIFT, MDI, SP-Jain, FMS, SIBM, NITIE etc etc call which you can model to get your creative juices flowing and you will see the mistakes they have done (I have marked them with RED) so you will only follow what you need to follow and not model something which doesn't work.
You won't find such a detailed guide anywhere because it took me a lot of time to prepare this resource. Added to it 100 hours of talking with students and checking their answers.
Interviewer Seduction Formula

                                                                       What you are going to Learn
    1. How to supercharge “Show, don’t Tell” principle to craft unignorable responses that create “YES” reflexes in the mind of the Interviewer ?
    2. How to tell hypnotically engaging stories ?
    3. 5 step framework to answer Why MBA? Most people only use 2-3 steps
    4. How to use bridge the gap technique to craft perfect response for “Why MBA” question ?
   5.  Which things you should never say when talking about your strengths & weaknesses and why talking about them would further reduce your chances to converting that call ?
    6. 3 types of failures you should never talk about, otherwise you have to say Good bye to your Dream B-school
    7. How to handle questions like “Poor Graduation Score” “Career Gap” “Why left the job” using highly advanced techniques like A.R.M.S. & Pre-framing ?
    8. How to handle ethics/morality questions without getting into unwanted discussions?
    9. How to choose right role models ?
    10. Don’t waste your own & everyone else’s time talking about excellent reputation of B-school, excellent faculty and all, instead start creating answers which are unique to you ?
    11. Learn how to handle Short-Term & Long-Term goal question even if you are not sure about specialization you are going to choose?
    12. How modest you should be when talking about your Accomplishments ? How to know when you are being Aggressive instead of Assertive ?

This system is based on hundreds of feedbacks I received from students.
I took all these feedbacks and data points, reverse-engineered them and created a Powerful System anybody can use to unleash the powerful results. It just works like "Plug and Play" If you want to produce results, just plug into this system and start writing your answers "like a pro” just in matter of days (not weeks)

It has over hundreds of examples you can model (not copy) for your own advantage. It will make your life easier. It will make your answers stand out of the crowd. It doesn’t have unnecessary platitudes like “Write down your life story” “What are you really passionate about
It will shorten your learning curve so you don’t have to go through all the irrelevant theory, you can cut the B.S. and just get right to the point.

It’s like “Interview Preparation on Steroids” so you can practically prepare for your Interview in matter of days instead of weeks. You can literally master this system in 5-7 days even if you devote 1-2 hours every single day implementing the advice.

Kritika Sota
NMIMS 2015-17

The Interviewer Seduction formula was my companion throughout as I get quite nervous when it comes to interviews. Gauging by the number of failed interviews I had in the past and the feel good factor I ended up with post my interviews and then still failing to convert, I had lost my confidence. I read IS formula as a granth, I couldn't follow it bit by bit, as I was pretty late in subscribing, but whatever I followed did make a huge difference! Though, my testimonial can become 2 pages long if I express myself completely, but I will be crisp and mention the two most important things that created an impact.

Firstly, I could create a streamlined answer for Why MBA. Believe me, the question though seems simple, it can be a make or break thing. I read all the experiences, formed a crisp answer and sent it to Sukrut. He told me what I was missing on (the bit on goals - long term and short term ones and how they should be related to the current work; everything is mentioned in IS) and advised me to consult my friends or relatives who were working in a similar field. I added some action points, did some brainstorming, connected with people, scoured LinkedIn and it indeed helped me a lot!

Secondly, learning from your past mistakes and convincing them with examples worked for me. I remember my MDI interview experience when I was in my 4th year. Since I am from IT background, they asked me what's the difference between data, information, knowledge and wisdom. I was bashed quite badly. Just one day before my interview for IIT Madras this year, this thing popped into my head since I can never forget that interview, I googled and read some amazing responses with examples. I couldn't believe myself when the same question was asked to me the next day and I nailed it well with an example! As you said, this was the irresistible hook in my story :))

I have lots of other things to share if I am allowed the space.. I am just kidding. with all my heart I want to thank you. I will keep this material with me till I can. M sure whenever I will see it, I will have a lot to improve!

Aravindh P G
IIM Ahmedabad 2015-17

I was a little bit skeptical when I joined this course about its effectiveness. But you removed all my doubts today. (I did follow your previous lessons to a little extent, but the SOP lesson and Personal Interview modules helped me immensely)

In fact, when I sent the first draft to my coaching center sir ( I joined last June for my CAT prep.) he told me it was fine :|
He did not recommend any changes to it. You had given me an honest feedback and it looks better now.

I would not have believed that my SOP will look this neat, had you mentioned me the same, some 5 days back. I really thank you for transforming my SOP in a matter of 2 days.

I am now starting your essay writing lesson.I am looking forward towards the next set of lessons from you!

Ayushi Kapil
IIM Amritsar 2015-17

It was a really good sop, in just few lines you explained your life.
The decisions you have made and the risks you have taken, what you got from them.
Your achievements and how you were able to achieve them by your systematic approach and problem solving ability.
You are trustworthy and an active learner who always believes in doing continuous improvements instead of just progressing further.
You are a deep thinker and can easily manipulate others by your ideas and when it comes to handle a situation which is out box, you can be considered as a reliable problem solving tool.

It was a very well written short biography and it has really helped me in creating ideas for my own sop to make it logically coherent and narrate my real life experiences into it.

Sumedh Kakde
IIM Indore 2014-16

I have used your study material for IIM interviews and essay writing. It was a great help.
After getting into IIM also; I'm referring to your study material for GD and PI.

Bonus #1: Flow State Interviewing

Do you get tensed or worried about forgetting main points in actual interview ? Do you find it difficult to articulate what you really want to say in the Interview ?
Learn Flow State Interviewing
How to deliberately put you into the State and Mind-frame so Answers flow naturally to you ? Never Worry about forgetting main points in actual Interview ever again. Speak confidently without getting blank.

Bonus #2: Brainstorming and Clarity Call

Once you finish going through it, lot of questions can pop in your mind.
How should I implement it ? How do I apply it to my specific situation ? How to make best use of it ?
We will hop on 30-45 minute Laser focused Strategy Session where I will help understand your challenge, will ask you lot of questions in order to uncover things which you haven't thought about YET and give you complete road-map along with feedback so that you can make the best use of it.

Bonus #3: Overnight SOP Makeover

Model after Successful SOPs of students who received/converted IIM, FMS, NMIMS Calls
Transform your SOP practically Overnight
Before and After SOPs to Model

Bonus #4: Core Influence : How to Authentically Persuade Interviewer without Sounding like a Total Douchebag ?

Stop Memorizing Answers. Stop Rehearsing same old boring answers.
Use the Exact Language best suited for you and only you and stop sounding like a Lifeless Robot
Subconsciously communicate Congruency throughout your Interview. Achieve Effortless Influence.

Bonus #5 : Customized Just for YOU

This program is specifically created for Customized Preparation.

Whether it's SOP writing for NMIMS, FMS, IIM-Bangalore or whether it's application form filing of IIM-Ahmedabad, IIFT, SP-Jain, IIM-Indore, IIM-Kozhikode, IIM-Calcutta, New IIMs, MDI, SIBM, SCMHRD, TISS, XLRI HR and BM, NITIE, JBIMS or whether it's FMS extempore or Case Discussion at NMIMS, SIBM, IIMs.

Shekhar Prasad
SIBM Pune 2015-17

I have converted both SIBM Pune and SCMHRD (will join SIBM Pune)

And yes, the lessons really helped me with the obvious questions asked in interviews. It also helped me guide the panel towards my strong areas (with help of seduction formula). Never thought it would be so easy to manipulate them, but it really happened in both the interviews.

I had Great Lakes and IMT Dubai interviews a week before SIBM & SCMHRD. I learned from my mistakes in (Great lakes & IMT) previous interviews and worked on it to later convert both SYMBIOSIS colleges.

Also, how could I forget your guidance in completing the answers for SIBM & SCMHRD. That also had an impact somewhere on the panelists.

Backed all my answers with genuine examples which worked like a charm on them.

Thank you once again for the support.

Mayank Tewari

Definitely your help, your approach is than different conventional teaching methods and way better for approaching the interviews. I didn't have much time but I took the main hints like not being too general in interviews, having supportive stories for whatever you mention, having that balanced approach for writing WAT; some of the things which helped me in a short time. I have an interview on Monday for SJMSOM so can't interact and learn more as much as I want to but there is no doubt that if done with enough prep time on your side, your material can be of great help to anyone.

Keep up the good work and best of luck for your future endeavors :)
When I will get access to all the Material ?
As soon as you complete the transaction, you will get access to Updated Version of Interviewer Seduction Formula and then you will be given the chance to schedule Brainstorming and Clarity call with me. Remaining material will be sent to you every alternate day.
What's exactly contained inside Interviewer Seduction Formula Book ?
This book contains Detailed Framework to Handle FAQs mentioned below. After that, you will be presented with several examples of past students to help you in getting creative ideas. I have marked parts of these answers in RED so that you know what mistakes you should avoid and what you should not write.
What will be discussed on Brainstorming and Clarity call ?
The call is to get complete clarity about your Situation. I will help you bust through the no. 1 challenge you are facing right now and will give you complete Roadmap to reach from Point A (current situation) to Point B (desired situation)
Can I use the exact answers given inside ? 
No. You can't. The purpose of providing answers is to help you get your Creative Juices flowing. Its' not intended to copy them. You can always take inspiration from them and model what works and discard what doesn't.
What's Overnight SOP Makeover ?
You will given process to write SOP and once you finish your first draft,  you will be given winning SOPs to Model of past students who converted IIM-Bangalore, FMS, NMIMS calls. However, you will not be given access to winning SOPs before you send me first draft. It's done to prevent stealing ideas from SOPs. I want you to do Creative Thinking first before you read/model winning SOPs.
Should I buy just this one ? 
This is not a standalone product. To use this product, you need to have GD/WAT/PI Revolution. This program expands on whatever has been taught in GD/WAT/PI Revolution.
e.g. If you don't know the process to write SOP, what you are going to do while writing your own SOP ? Are you just going to copy it from other successful ones. Sorry, it doesn't work like that.
If you don't know the exact frameworks to handle questions, what's use of improving your communication skills ?
It has 100s of answers to model for these questions
1. Why MBA?
2. Why this Institute?
3. Why Poor Graduation Score/Career Gap/Left the Job?
4. Short Term/Long Term Goals
5. Team Work/Leadership Role
6. Strengths/Weaknesses
7. Why should we select you?
8. Biggest failure
9. Role Models
10. Hobbies/Interests
The materials covered exactly the points that need to be mentioned in SOP.
Also they made me think about on my hooks,skills etc..
Just wanted to say that that research require lot of time which I am afraid many of them won't do and end up copying from the materials.
Overall informative notes..Keep up the good work :)
Also since I have left my job and I have call from only NMIMS,I am sure they will have tons of questions to ask me during PI.
Ankit Gandhi
NMIMS Bangalore 2015-17
When I got the call of NMIMS Mumbai, everyone around me was talking about SOP. But I had no idea how to write my sop because I was facing a lot of problems in fetching good contents from my past to write a good SOP.
Finally after a lot of research, I got an article about SOP written by Sukrut on Pagalguy/facebook. I found, the way he written the article was  far better and unique than any other articles on sop. After read the article, I couldn't stop myself and immediately enrolled for his GD/WAT/PI revolution program. This program gave me more than my expectations.
Sukrut helped me and communicate with me through email and phone to go deep into my past and fetched some good content. He was always available (24*7) to guide me. Because of his help I was able to know some of my greatest strengths and achievements. He helped me to logically connect all my points which is the most difficult phase of writing any SOP. And finally through mind mapping techniques and some sample SOP, he helped me to write a good SOP
Prince Raj
NMIMS Hyderabad 2015-17
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