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Earlier I used to attempt the question right from the start but after seeing the video which Sukrut made and using his strategy I try to scan the paper beforehand.This strategy helps me to know the sitters which are scattered all over paper. By using this strategy my attempts in Quant have increased. And hence my MOCK scores are also on increase.
I really found the program very useful and tailor made to improve the cat score. Especially the strategy for the Quant section based on the attempts and accuracy mapping of previous mocks. Initially I used to attempt questions randomly without any plan and used to score horrific percentiles in Quant(45-50). But after talking to Sukrut and marking the topics red/blue based on my previous attempts really helped me to get a good idea of which questions to attempt first. This overall improved my attempts in the section and subsequently my percentile.
Sukrut gave me the strategy to do attempt maximum questions by helping to identify the Good Shot questions and Missed opportunity questions which were easy to attempt and could fetch me easy scores and  I tried attempting maximum of these questions by minimizing my attempt of lengthy and confused questions and Risky Questions and I could see a huge difference in my mock scores in Quants.

He also advised me to attempt the mock in two rounds with the easier and good attempt questions in the 1st Round and tougher and lengthy questions in the 2nd Round . This strategy has helped be gain much better confidence during the process of exam and has helped me increase my scores
5 butt ugly truths you need to know before you take CAT this year
But before I talk about them, I want to tell you a shocking lie which you have probably believed and agreed to which is responsible for more failure stories than success stories.

The Lie is
The More Mock Tests I give , the better I become.

I call it “Mind Crime". It’s a lie which has been propagated by Experts or Authority Figures to lead you astray for their Personal benefits and blind you from the Truth (so they can sell you on more test series, books, coaching classes)

If you are planning to appear for CAT, you must have believed and followed this advice to the tee.

As CAT starts approaching, everybody starts coming out with some generic plans telling you to revise this , revise that and most prominent of it’s “Start giving more Mock Tests.”

If you have started following this advice, ask yourself this question,

Is giving more and more mocks really making any consistent difference in my score and percentile or am I doing the same mistakes over and over ?

If your answer is “NO” then why you are still doing the same thing. Just because it’s a popular advice.
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is called “INSANITY".

Ugly Truth #1
1. Most people think they have given 30 mocks but in reality they have just given 3 mocks 10 times.
That’s the real truth.

Just giving mock is not going to solve all your problem. It’s just  a band-aid solution to a bigger problem.

There is exact strategy you should use when you want to scale no of mocks, just giving more of them whenever you feel like it is not going to work.

There are so many blogs, videos , test series and classes out there then why so many students are struggling to score good percentile.

If the books, test series was the solution then everyone would have solved their problems very easily.

Ugly truth #2
2. You don’t need more books, coaching classes, test series to start scoring more Percentile.

The problem doesn’t lie in the amount of information. Most students have enough information. The problem lies in implementation. I mean implementation of right things at right time. You don’t need 50 tactics, you need only few. What you really need is solid strategy.

Those who score consistently high percentile are not necessarily smarter than you but they have solid strategy in place. 

Do they know something that you don’t ?

Ugly truth #3
3. You need to focus on doing few right things and instead of doing  many things right.

You might be wondering, I am not getting success because
1. I am not working hard enough.
2. I am not giving enough section tests.
3. I am not giving enough mock tests.
4. I am not analyzing enough.

I am not doing this. I am not doing that.
Maybe, all of its true. Maybe some of it is. Maybe none of it’s. 

Those who are consistently scoring well are not necessarily genius, they have mastered certain principles. They do only few right things. (80/20 Principle) instead of doing 100 things right.

This is the classic mistake done by most students to avoid solving the real issue.

You are never going to solve all your issues so cease trying. It’s not necessary to score more percentile.

Successful student learn to strategically manage their weaknesses.

Days of slow and steady (Kaizen) are over.

Ugly truth #4
4. You don’t just need a slow and steady change, you need quantum leaps if you want results fast.

Nothing against hard work and persistence but this is not going to save your butt. It would have worked 5-6 years ago.I remember giving my CAT with least amount of strategies and still scored 99%ile + in Quant and 98%ile + in CAT. But these days are over now.

Those times are gone when those who solved more mocks usually scored more.

If your only way to increase your percentile is solving more mocks and analyzing more mocks in 2015, then chances of your survival are almost zero because almost everyone is doing it.

If that’s only your competitive advantage then only GOD can save you.

These are the days of mastering “Leapfrogging Principle"

How to achieve super fast results using Growth Levers ?

If you don’t use these levers effectively, you will go through a lot of challenges and won’t be able to overcome any of them. Some of the challenges are these

1. I am clear with the concepts but that’s not reflected in my scores

2. I can’t accurately pinpoint on my weak areas let along improve on them

3.  I have done all these topics before, I used to solve questions in my class every time then why I am not able to solve them in actual mock tests.

4. I am stuck at 60-70s or 90-95%ile.

5. I am not able to break into the coveted 95%ile.

6. What to do if you don’t want to revise everything and don’t have time to do it.

7. I am not able to judge questions.

What’s wrong with me ? Am I doing something wrong ?
How to Choose Right Questions with Laser Like Precision ?
Ugly truth #5
5. You need to capitalize on your strengths and learn to strategically manage your weakness.

Every successful student has some weakness and he/she succeeds despite them. The key is not overcoming them, the key is to manage them so that they don’t bother you.

Turn your weaknesses into your biggest allies.
Have you ever got into situation when you were not able to identify right questions in actual mock but could do that once you are back home ? That happens all the time.

Or maybe the questions look difficult just by their length but in reality they are simple. Even you do mistakes in selection of doable problems.

Maybe you thought that increasing  no of attempts is going to cut it but once you start doing that your accuracy suffered.

Accuracy at the cost of attempts
Sukrut gave me the strategy to improve my Quant scores, I inculcated those strategies and I could see my percentiles increasing in mock tests. He helped me to figure out which questions should I avoid and how to select right questions to maximize my scores. His accurate analysis of my scores and time I spend on each question helped a lot to actually identify my weak areas.
Earlier, instead of attempting entire DI/LR caselets, I used to pick and choose questions and selectively attempted questions and in the process sometimes leaving out seemingly lengthy but easy questions from some particular caselets. Sukrut suggested me to focus on one caselet at a time and and develop the habit of correctly solving all questions from one caselet only instead of doing selective questions from multiple caselets. On his suggestion, I worked on my accuracy by timing myself especially in topics of my strength, which helped me improve my overall percentile.
Sukrut pointed out a few very important things in my preparation and mock analysis, which I was ignoring earlier. Most importantly he suggested to go through even the questions which I got correct in the mock and learn short cuts to solve them faster (We generally ignore this and go through only unsolved and incorrect questions). Also he gave some specific ways of improving on DI-LR section which were quite helpful.
I was performing poorly in the VRC section. I was consistently performing well in the Quants but in the VRC section, my scores fluctuated between the range of 70-85 percentile.
Even after solving a lot of sectional tests and appearing in more than 10 mocks, I was unable to formulate a concrete strategy for facing the VRC section.
But, as a result of regular interactions with you, through Call and WhatsApp, my percentile has seen a jump of 10 percentile.
The increased percentile is an outcome of increase in speed and improvement in accuracy. Now, I possess a higher level of confidence, particularly in attempting the RC section.
Sukrut discusses with me my short coming and discuss the area where I was facing the problem which is RC (in my case),  he asked to formulate the specific strategy to tackle RC.
He discusses various strategies and I listed them out during discussion and after that I tried them and get the particular strategy which suits me. The strategy which works for me is : I simply try to immersed in the passage with my full focus on the passage and try to find out what author is trying to say and try to get the gist of the passage without being lost in the difficult words or jargons used by the author. 

Also I attack the RC question with predetermined strategy such as for inference question,  detailed question etc.  This I used in last few weeks and I could see improvement in my RC accuracy. Earlier I was doing in a hurry to read the passage without getting the gist of the passage or what author is trying to say and quickly jump to the questions and then I back n forth between passage and question in search of the right ans choice but now I have started following above said strategy it helps me to do the question right without wasting much time in going back n forth.

Also he helped me to identify my weak areas by giving the way of how to analyse my mock results and get the benefit out of it.
Swiss Army Knife Method
Bleed Your Competition to Death
You create “Systematic Breakthroughs” using Swiss Army Knife Method.

You do this with
1. Well Tested Strategy
2. Super fine Judgement
3. Well thought out Revision
4. Strategic Practicing

It exposes yourself your personal blind spots. It’s systematic and reliable method for transformation. This is what you are going to learn in this Master Class

1. How to Quickly Categorize Questions without wasting a lot of time in Analyzing Mocks ?

2. Swiss Army Knife Method to Sharpen your judgment and Skills ? (which types/topics you should never attempt or only attempt at the end? which types/topics you should practice and which types/topics you should not)

3. Identify which area/s you should work upon in next 30 days to get maximum out of your Preparation ?

4.How to increase attempts, accuracy and reduce time spent per each question ?

5. How to get into Zone ? (How to get into Right Head-space to Maximize your Chances of Success ?)

6. How to extract maximum benefits out of your test series ?

7. Exactly when you should start scaling no of mocks and when scaling it won’t make any sense ?

8. How to create relevant benchmarks so that you reach and accomplish your percentile goals relatively faster than anybody else ? (Why comparing yourself with Topper is the single biggest mistake you can do ?)

9. What to do if you are in 95%ile + bracket and how to infiltrate into 99%iler league ?

10. Any troubles with solving certain RCs, certain LR or DI sets in Mock CATs. This is what you should do. (This is not about learning to crack them, practice them and revise them)
Hi Sukrut,Thanks for your skyrocket your percentile beta program.I got very helpful tips which I am applying in my mocks.

I got to know how to effectively analyze your mocks for QA section hence got to know which areas I should attempt in R1 and which should be left for R2 / R3 . So it has helped me to increase accuracy as well as my score.

Also my set selection became better in LR/DI section i.e. I started attempting the easier sets at the beginning. Most importantly avoided getting stuck in a hard LR set and moving on to next ... thus avoiding the wastage of time.

So you helped me understand  "How one should choose the right ones and avoid the wrong ones !!! "
Swiss Army Knife Guarantee

Try any of the 4 knife blades, use it and send the results.

If you don’t improve your percentile or score in any of the sections or mocks, I will give you full refund. The only criteria is you have to follow and implement the advice given. You can’t claim refund by doing nothing.
How this course will be delivered ?
As soon you register for the course, you will be given chance to schedule a strategy call with me so that I can diagnose your problems and then I will prescribe you the solution. You will get access to video lessons just after our call and we can also schedule the next call in matter of few weeks so that I can help you to get to the next level.
Will this help me if I have joined "X" Test Series ?" (X means CL, IMS, TIME, Bulls Eye etc etc) 
The Answer is "YES". In one of the videos, I show you "Choosing Questions with Laser Like Precision" from Career Launcher Back Office. However, if you haven't joined CL, you can certainly implement it in your AIMCATS, SIMCATS and other Test Series. (You might have to spend some extra time if they don't have feature like Drill Down Analysis)
Is it helpful if I am just starting out my CAT Preparation ?
No, it's not useful if you are starting out. Prepare well and come next year in order to join the course. Till then consider working on your basics.
Will it help me if I haven’t given any mocks or given only 2-3 mocks ?
If you haven’t given any mocks or only given 2-3 mocks, there is nothing much I can do to help you. This is only for serious aspirants who have given at least 4 or more mocks. There is nothing magical about number 4 , however, I choose this number based on my previous experience and feedback I received.
How much time it’s going to take ?
I know you are probably working professional and hard pressed for time. The training duration will be 60-90 minutes. Now after you have gone through the training you need some time to implement the strategies like revising particular topics, giving sectional tests, analyzing mock tests, change strategies etc etc. This implementation part will be very specific to your situation and your own unique set of challenges. That ensures you get maximum percentile and score boost out of your implementation.  That’s why strategy calls are so important.
What will be discussed on Strategy Calls ?
The strategy call duration will be anywhere from 30-45 minutes. The purpose of this call is to help you uncover you unique set of challenges and give you specific plan of action.
Will it help me if I am stuck at 60-85% ?
Yes, it will definitely help you if you are in this percentile bracket. I will help you uncover challenges and give you specific plan of action for next few weeks which you can implement and get results faster. I can also help you identify low hanging fruits so that you can see dramatic shifts in your percentile.
Will it help me if I am stuck at 90-95%ile ? 
Yes, it will definitely help you. However, you might not get dramatic percentile increase in every case. As you approach 100%ile, there are lot other uncontrollable factors. There are many things which come into play. In some cases, I have seen dramatic shifts and while in some cases, the changes happen slow and over the period of few weeks
Is there any Guarantee that I will score certain Percentile ? 
I can’t promise you will get certain percentile. Nobody can. And you shouldn’t trust anyone who does. However, I guarantee increase in attempts, score or percentile and reduced time taken per question.
We all begin at different levels of experience, skill , education plus there are lot of uncontrollable factors come into play in actual CAT.
I don’t know you, we have never met personally. It would make no sense to promise something like this.
I’d rather be honest with you and tell you the truth than giving you any false promises.
Is it too late to join any course?
If you had known everything you need to do, then you would have already done it. If you are not getting results you want despite doing everything you think you should do, then probably it's time to get help. There are 4 weeks remaining. There is definite scope for improvement using "Low Hanging Fruit" strategy I teach.
Will it help me if I don't have Maths background ?
Well, it depends. You don't need Maths background to succeed in CAT. If you are still struggling to solve basic level questions in Quant. (This is certainly not for you)
This is a Strategy Restructuring Program. I don't teach shortcuts or tricks.If you are conceptually weak in certain topics, this is not the right program for you.
If you want help with concepts, methods, then you should go for something else.
What if I don't want to try new things right now ?
I can certainly understand your concern. It's natural to have this question, the simple answer to your question is this. There is nothing new to try.
I don't tell you do something new (something which you haven't done before) I will talk to you on Strategy calls and tell you what you are doing correct and what you are doing wrong, so basically I tell you what you should continue to do, what you should avoid and what extra things you should do which you are not doing.
First 10 Students who enroll for this will get 2 Thirty Minutes Strategy Sessions with me where I will help them identify their unique challenges and roadblocks and will give them next plan of action
First 10 students who take advantage of this will get my Best Selling “GD/WAT/PI Revolution” Course at no cost.
First 5 students will get help in writing their SOP for FMS and application form for SP-Jain.
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