Skyrocket Your Percentile in CAT 2015 Cheatsheet and Mini Class
Without solving 100 section tests, Without solving 5 mock tests every week, Without joining more test series, Without leaving your job and without working like a DOG
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Solve your Accuracy, Attempts and Time Problem
Earlier I used to attempt the question right from the start but after seeing the video which Sukrut made and using his strategy I try to scan the paper beforehand.This strategy helps me to know the sitters which are scattered all over paper. By using this strategy my attempts in Quant have increased. And hence my MOCK scores are also on increase.
Sukrut gave me the strategy to improve my Quant scores, I inculcated those strategies and I could see my percentiles increasing in mock tests. He helped me to figure out which questions should I avoid and how to select right questions to maximize my scores. His accurate analysis of my scores and time I spend on each question helped a lot to actually identify my weak areas.
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